Ahrea Sidestory: (5e)

Session 5: Ruins of Asann, Part 1

the party armed up to go fight Horraden, the leader of the Ardale Wood bandits. Though Ara’Na (Lauren) and Cayde (Finn) quickly dispatched Horraden’s sentries, they found themselves face to face with the man and his guard as the rest of the party struggled to catch up. Horraden stated his position – stating he was creating a free state in South Ahrea free of control of the Kingdom Ahrea and the Legions of Vas, though the party didn’t buy it and engaged in battle.

It was a brutal fight, and nearly killed off a few members of the party – but they fought through, and with the help of a couple newly “reformed” bandits (Vessa and Velks, refugees from North Ahrea), they were successful in eliminating Horraden and the rest of his elite guard. Vessa and Velks joined the party, offering their services as guards to the party. After finding the rest of the supplies that had been stolen (along with finding a secret room with a pair of Slippers of Spider Climbing that Ara’Na claimed for herself), the party exited the ruins.

They ran into the Gnome and gave him back his bracers, and ran into Koa again, who toyed with the party – but gave up the ghost after Ara’Na managed to steal a +1 Longbow out of her bag when she was in the middle of levitating an aggressive Leoban (Austin), and disappeared again after wishing the party well.

The party treked back to Corin after the ordeal, but not before they ran into a squadron of the Legion’s Armored Carriages (possibly almost getting themselves blown up in the process had talking to them had not gone so well), and ran into who they thought was a pretty well known adventurer in the woods, though that person quickly vanished as soon as she was spotted.

As the session concluded, they received their spoils from Obbs back in Corin for a job well done – and with the party’s cleric Allina aiding Leoban, set off to visit Baron Yarek in order to receive a pardon for Vessa, Velks, and Jarven (who were not very keen on visiting Corin due to their activities prior).



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