Ahrea Sidestory: (5e)

Session 6: Fort Ovaes, Part I

The party negotiated with the Baron of the village of Corin (their ad-hoc home) to gain official Pardons for the three (former) bandits traveling with them – under the promise that if those three were to commit any further crimes, their benefactors would be held responsible as well. In order to avoid a long stint in the Kingdom’s prison system, the three complied and gave their word to the party they would not engage in such activity.

Things heated up after the celebration at the local tavern, as Cayde (Finn) went to the General Store, only to find that the owner was getting yelled at by a frantic woman looking for help. Upon seeing Cayde, she informed him that the Legion of Vas had harassed and detained the caravan that she and her husband were traveling on – who were all detained on the suspicion that they were agents working for the Kingdom Ahrea. While she was able to escape, the others were hauled off to Fort Ovaes, the Legion’s forward outpost in the immediate region.

Cayde agreed to assist in attempting to rescue the captives – and immediately was called over by Obbs, the general store owner. Obbs informed the dark elf of his loyalties, more or less wanting rid of the Legion presence around Corin, and as such began informing as best as he could about old Fort Ovaes. The Fort had changed multiple hands over the last year as the war raged on, Corin itself being right on the front lines of the conflict – and though it was once again under the Legion’s control, Obbs informed the party member of it’s main weakness. It was extremely hard for defenders to maintain the northern portion of the fort, as it was built directly into the treeline of the nearby Ardale Wood – which would be an apt place to launch a surprise raid.

With some “supplies” gifted to the party from Obbs, Cayde informed the others of the plan – which they were rather hesitant, but all agreed to go out and raid the fort in an attempt to rescue the detained Kingdom citizens.

Once again while traveling in the woods, the party ran into Koa – the odd half elf traveling merchant. This time she had a “new pet” in the form of an undead green dragon (Thanks Timothy), but otherwise had not too much to offer as usual – though she took an interest in Sir Eramus (Jon), and pulled out several of his old pieces of magic gear, telling him he could have it back if he could prove who she thought he was.

The raid on Fort Ovaes itself began very successfully, as Cayde and Befev (Mike) slayed the initial guards they encountered without drawing attention – but as the whole party gathered to begin the raid, they were discovered.

Though it was lightly defended, there was still a platoon of troops stationed in the fort, and they went to lengths to defeat the invading party – many of the group having gotten severely injured in the fighting.

The party found themselves receiving reinforcement, however, as an unknown individual in a black cloak and green tunic arrived and began hunting down the Legion troops with them. While the remaining Legion troopers panicked about the new arrival and began firing flares to call for assistance, the party used the distraction in order to finish the fight.

As the fight ended, they found this odd fellow scavenging through the Legion’s tent city, and began questioning him about his intents. He informed them bluntly that it was best to run immediately as the Legion would be sending reinforcements quickly – though upon them informing him that they were looking for captives, he nodded and noted that he would assist them in the venture.



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