Chronological Timeline

The 1st War of the Reign
The 1st War of the Reign begins worldwide, as the 2nd Black Dragon Vas managed to rally an army loyal to his cause. Norncrast is decimated by the conflict, Alenosa suffers severe harm to various member nations in it’s High Council, Bria remains relatively unharmed, and Ahrea sees the loss of 50% of it’s habitable environment due to the intensity of the conflict.

A party known as the “Band of Light” forms on Ahrea in order to combat the Legion of Vas. It’s members consist of Agnoth, Soros, Gorg, Ennor, Anatos, Arvic, and Pelas.

The Night of Burning Stars
Due to the Kingdom Ahrea’s fear that the rapidly expanding Dark Elven Republic of Nar’Sana would not only severely threaten it during the 1st War of the Reign but even beyond, King Windsor the 1st gave the orders to eliminate the Republic through the use of magic. During the final night of Andaer 1224, reports recount that the stars themselves fell upon the Republic, and overnight the entire territory that the Republic had claimed had been reduced to ash. The bombardment of Nar’Sana was overwhelmingly successful, as the populace of the Republic were largely unable to escape due to the Kingdom Ahrea’s military having been strategically placed to siege the Republic. Estimates claim that over 40,000 Dark Elves were killed during the destruction of the Republic’s holdings.It is unknown which Kingdom mage carried out the order, though many have assumed that it was Soros of the Band of Light.

Arvic is severely wounded at the battle of Vels in AC1225, and the Band of Light is forced to leave him behind in order to begin their final confrontation with Vas.

End of the 1st War of the Reign
The 2nd Black Dragon Vas is killed upon Mount Ravinfel in North Ahrea by the Band of the Light. Anatos is killed during this battle along with the dragon, Vas having pulled the battlemage to his death along with him after having been slain by Agnoth.

Disbanding of the Band of Light
The party that slew Vas disbands shortly after the 1st War of the Reign. Soros disappears from public records and his whereabouts and fate are unknown. Ennor goes on to become the current Lord of the Ia’Nellsa Republic. Agnoth, Arvic, and Pelas return to Rothsal – though eventually Pelas is killed herself by an unknown assialiant, and Agnoth and Arvic eventually go missing. Gorg goes on to engage in several mining operations before disappearing himself.

The Reconstruction of the Nar’Sana Republic
The survivors of the Nar’Sana Republic strike an alliance with several Dwarven republics in the continent of Bria in order to begin constructing an underground community on the territory the republic still claims.

Legion Expedition to the Tel’Na Kingdom
The Kingdom of Tel’Na is thrown into upheaval as the Legion of Vas resurfaces and begins a campaign of political unrest upon Alenosa. Queen Venna of the Kingdom of Tel’Na is captured during a daring raid by the Legion, and is held against her will in an attempt to allow the Kingdom of Pel’Nae to conquer and absolve her Kingdom. The Queen is sent to be held within the Kingdom of Pel’Nae which was fully cooperating with the Legion, allowing her to be held safely by the Legion while having a political barrier against any attempts by Tel’Na to retrieve her – any party sent into Pel’Nea would have undoubtably been considered an act of war being incurred by the Kingdom of Tel’Na.

The Campaign of the Tel’Na Irregulars into Pel’Nae
Although Queen Venna had been captured by the Legion, there were three individuals who were willing to rescue her by any means – Sir Eramus (1st Human Knight in the High-Elven Kingdom), Sir Rayer (Headmaster of the Tel’Na Chapter of the Order of Ataros), and Sir Wes (the 2nd Human Knight of Tel’Na, knighted upon the day Queen Venna was captured, and who also had a personal stake in the matter as his beloved Sia’Nae had also been trapped inside a longsword due to her attempt to prevent the Queen’s capture).

During their adventures before the capture of the Queen, the three had made the aquaintance of Aro the Shepard (Human Sheepherder), Viticov (Human Fighter) Ogdus (Dwarf forester), Ale’Vi (High Elf Cleric of Nelas), Runi (Dark Elf Rogue), and Al’Tea (Wood Elf Rogue).

With these fellow party members, Sir Eramus and Sir Wes began a covert campaign questing into the Kingdom of Pel’Nae in order to retrieve Queen Venna – knowing full well that if their incursion into Pel’Nae was discovered, it would plunge Tel’Na into an all-out war it could not survive, as the High Council of Alenosa would not stand for a such one-sided invasion into a member nation.

The Irregular’s campaign into Pel’Nae was extremely costly, if indeed ended successfully. Dozens of allied troops of the Tel’Na Kingdom died in their attempts to assist Eramus and Wes in their quest, and ultimately the two faced their own losses as well. Eramus had grown to love Al’Tea – and ultimately, he and Wes witnessed not only her death, but the deaths of Ogdus and Ale’Vi as well during the final quest into the Legion stronghold in Pel’Nae. A high elven bard by the name of Eil’Ne was also present during the quest into the Legion stronghold, though she too went missing during the events of the raid.

Sir Eramus ran into the 1st Red Dragon Fia’Pas during the engagement – the dragon simply having been in the area on his own whims, and in the company of one of his many offspring. As Ogdus and Ale’Vi had been killed by this son of Fia’Pas, Eramus in turn slew the younger dragon – causing Fia’Pas to swear an oath against the Knight, stating he would destroy Tel’Na as it’s revenge against Eramus.

Despite the grave warning that Eramus had received from the ancient dragon, his party was able to successfully retrieve Queen Venna from her captivity, and began a quest back to the safety of Tel’Na. Legion forces quickly mounted to recapture the Queen, but were unsuccessful as Viticov sacrificed himself in a suicide bombing to also eliminate the Field Commander in charge of the Legion Expedition force. The surviving members of Eramus’s party returned to Tel’Na, and were seen as heroes for having rescued the Queen.

While the rest of the world stood relatively silent, the Kingdom Ahrea and the High Elven Republic of Ia’Nellsa both summoned forces to go overseas while Queen Venna was in captivity – King Windsor the 2nd and Lord Ennor both having agreed to interfere in the Pel’Nea-Tel’Na conflict on behalf of the Queen in order to retrieve their ally before it became known she had been successfully rescued. Regardless, the two sent their own Expeditionary Forces to Tel’Na – knowing fully well that the Legion would manage to utilize the situation for their own ends.

The Disbanding of the Alenosa High Council and the Beginning of the War of Oak Crowns
After Queen Venna was restored to her throne, she appointed Sir Wes’s love Sia’Nae as a Knight of the Tel’Na Kingdom as well (as the wood elf stablegirl had fought alongside Wes, her essence having empowered his longsword during the quest to retrieve the Queen). Sir Rayer and Runi became married in the aftermath, and Eramus stood idly as he considered the threat that Fia’Pas had given him – knowing the dragon would live up to it eventually.

Queen Venna was soon summoned to attend an emergency session of the Alenosa High Council, to account for how she had returned to her throne of Tel’Na as requested by King Arreden of the Kingdom of Pel’Nea. Knowing well enough that the Legion had some hand in the proceedings, the Queen asked Eramus, Wes, and their party to accompany her as her escorts – to which they accepted.

The proceedings of the High Council went predictably against Queen Venna – as King Arreden proclaimed that her rescuers had openly committed war against his Kingdom in the act of retrieving her from the captivity of an ally of his country.

The rest of the 19 member Council was overwhelming divided by the accusations – while none were openly willing to support the Kingdom of Tel’Na, they were also unsettled to hear of the open announcement that the Kingdom of Pel’Nea not only supported but also was harboring troops of the Legion of Vas within it’s borders. While nations like Ria’Nar supported standing with Pel’Nea against Tel’Na, other nations such as Tro’Ren were inclined to stay completely neutral to the entire situation. As there was no possiblity of reconciling the differences between the 21 nations of Alenosa in regards to the Pel’Nea-Tel’Na conflict and the resurgence of the Legion within it’s borders, the Supreme Lord of the High Council decided to disband the Council in order for the various Kingdoms and Nations to decide their own borders as they saw fit to.

Lord Vanatos of the Legion assisted in this matter, however – slaying the Supreme Lord as he entered the Council Chambers. The Legion’s leader and Vanguard began slaying the opposing leaders of the Alenosa nations while they were gathered in the Council – Vanatos in particular aiming to end the life of Queen Venna. However, she again was successfully rescued by Eramus and Wes, and along with the rest of their party were able to escape death by the Legion’s forces.

Upon returning to Tel’Na, Queen Venna received word that the Legion now had fully claimed the lands of a majority of the nations comprising Alenosa – while 11 member nations had decided to stay neutral, their leaders for the most part had been disposed and were now facing occupation by Legion forces. She was relieved, however, as King Windsor and Lord Ennor of Ahrea arrived with their Expeditionary Forces – both pledging their aid to the Queen to prevent the overthrow of her Kingdom.

Along with their forces were Gorg (of the Kingdom’s Band of Light fame), a mage by the name of Adgar, along with Sir Gardsol of the Order of Ayer and his daughter Selea, and finally Sirs Diagus and Iresoth of the Cardinal Riders of the South and their squire Alahar.

The Battle of Tel’Na, and the 1st Slaying of Fia’Pas

The Occupation of Pel’Nea, and the 2nd Slaying of Fia’Pas

The Last Rose of Ria’Nar, and the Alenosa Theater in the 2nd War of the Reign

The Uprisings of Vas

The Fall of Edis and the the Norncrast Theater of War

Journey of the Monster Hunter

Invasion of North Ahrea

Emergence of Brenaver and Sepna Austir

Soul of the Burning Mountain

Invasion of South Ahrea

Formation of the Company of the Lighted Way

The Ahrea Theater of War

Chronological Timeline

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