Dame Kella, The Traveling Knight

High Elven Fighter/Wizard Knight Of Ia'Nellsa


Level 2 -
Strength: 18 ( 4 )
Constitution: 5 ( -3 )
Dexterity: 15 ( +2 )
Intelligence: 15 ( +2 )
Wisdom: 8 ( -1 )
Charisma: 10 ( 0 )
HP: 8
AC, Leather Armor: 13

Race: Ielrer (High Elf)
Class: Fighter 1/Wizard 1, Knight of Ia’Nellsa
Hair: Blonde, Long
Eyes: Blue
Age: 21
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 118lb.

Equipment -
Leather Armor
Healer’s Kit
Explorer’s Pack
Component Pouch
Clothes, Traveler’s
6 Scroll Cases
1 Ink Bottle
10 Ink Pens
29 Pieces of Parchment
5 Pieces of Paper

Currency -
84 GP
2 SP

Spellbook -
Fire Bolt
Create Bonfire
Control Flames

1st Level Spells
Burning Hands
Magic Missile
Chromatic Orb
Fog Cloud
Detect Magic


Kella is a Knight of the High Elven Republic of Ia’Nellsa.

During the outbreak of the 2nd War of the Reign, Kella chose to assist the Kingdom Ahrea in it’s war efforts against the Legion on behalf of the Republic of Ia’Nellsa, earning the title of “The Traveling Knight” while doing so.

She serves as a goodwill ambassador to the Kingdom Ahrea and it’s people, and predominately focuses on visiting the various High Elven and Wood Elven communities in South Ahrea in order to ensure them that the Republic of Ia’Nellsa supports them.

In Mardas AC1262, Kella embarked on a quest to the Legion-conquered city of Neras in South Ahrea in order to retrieve Sir Eramus, a Knight from the Alenosan Kingdom of Tel’Na from possible capture by the Legion. She was successful in this quest despite Legion forces attempting to intervene in the rescue, and is now currently traveling with Sir Eramus during his time in Ahrea. She is excited to be assisting the legendary 1st human Knight of Tel’Na during his current quest, and defers to his leadership out of her respect for him and his accomplishments during the Tel’Na – Pel’Nea Conflict.

Dame Kella, The Traveling Knight

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