7th Battle of Fort Ovaes

Kingdom Of Ahrea Legion Of Vas
Kingdom of Tel’Na
Republic of Ia’Nellsa
Ahrea Order of Ayer
Commanders and Leaders
Captain Grendur (KIA) Field Commander Zanthros
Captain Iders (KIA) Field Commander Angen
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Sir Gardol
410 men 21 men
Casualties and Losses
0 men 21 men

Major Events of 1st Battle Of The Isiward Wood

Strategic Victory for the Legion of Vas.
The Company of the Lighted Way was routed from their destination of the Temple of Elera.
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Captain Grendur of the Ahrea 15th Battalion, 1st Company was killed in action.
Captain Iders of the Ahrea Riders of The South, 2nd Company was killed in action.


King Errades of Pel’Nea was made king a mere day after word of his father King Arroden’s passing during the infamous Slaughter of the Oak Crowns. Afte

7th Battle of Fort Ovaes

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